Sue TingeyAuthor of the Soulseer Chronicles

Post Publication Blues

Well, it’s over a week since my second book “Cursed” came out and I’m feeling strangely deflated on several levels and I have no idea why. On the up side I’ve had the comments on the third book “Bound” back from Jo and have been working on… Read more

One Year On

My second novel Cursed – book 2 of the Soulseer series is due out on Thursday and I can’t really believe it’s been a year since the launch of Marked. You could say a fair amount has happened during that time. Some I have may have mentioned before but… Read more

It's April!

As it turned out March wasn’t a lot better than January and February for losing famous names. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for April. I am now in the run up for the publication of Book 2 of the Soulseer Series “Cursed” – it will be out on… Read more

How Time Flies By

Where on earth has the beginning of 2016 gone to? It seems to be speeding by but then, judging by all the wonderfully talented people who have passed during January and February, I think I’ll be glad when we get into March. This week I sent off book three… Read more

An Evening with Jack Higgins

Last Tuesday I spent the evening at our local theatre attending an event supporting ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. This is of course a very worthwhile charity, which helps provide care for injured and elderly veterans, soldiers who have left the army and are having trouble getting jobs or finding somewhere… Read more